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  1. Learn from the best international speakers, as well as a variety of Australian speakers, all experts in their fields - Cardiorespiratory: Lynelle Johnson, Fiona Meyers-Campbell, Niek Beijerink  Clinical pathology and principles of medicine: Jill Maddison, Sue Foster, Graham Swinney  Dentistry: Curt Coffman, Loic Legendre, Ruth Barthel, Anthony Caiafa  Dermatology: Sonya Bettenay, Ralf Mueller, Linda Vogelnest  Emergency: Sarah Haldane, Dez Hughes, Terry King  Endocrinology: Dennis Chew, David Church, Darren Merrett  Feline Medicine: Andrea Harvey, Vanessa Barrs, Carolyn O’Brien  Gastroenterology: Caroline Mansfield, Stanley Marks, David Twedt  Imaging: Cathy Beck, Zoe Lenard  Infectious Disease: Michael Lappin, Vanessa Barrs, Julia Beatty, Jill Maddison  Neurology: Richard LeCouteur, Georgina Child, Sam Long  Oncology: Peter Bennett, Tony Moore, Rod Straw  Ophthalmology: Mark Billson, Anna Deykin, David Maggs, Robin Stanley  Surgery: Daniel Brockman, Catriona MacPhail, Jason Beck, Stephen Fearnside, Andrew Marchevsky, Phil Moses  Urogenital: David Senior, Dennis Chew  Unusual pets and avian: Hamish Baron, Brendan Carmel, Bob Doneley, Anne Fawcett, David Neck, Annabelle Olsson, Lizzie Selby, Gerry Skinner, Tegan Stephens, Alex Rosenwax, Shangzhe Xie  Nursing: Trish Farry, Tinika Gillespie, Philip Judge, Terry King, Patricia Newton, Anita Parkin, Lisa Partel, Rebekah Scotney, Rod Straw, Robert Webster, Layla Wilkinson

One of the highlights of the FASAVA Congress 2017 on the Gold Coast this year is sure to be the lectures by eminent veterinary ophthalmologist, award-winning teacher and expat, Professor David Maggs.

For those of you who have an interest in ophthalmology, or are particularly frightened by pathological eyes and would prefer to become more comfortable Professor David Maggs is returning to his home shores to present, and you won’t fail to be educated and engaged.

David grew up in the Lilydale area of the Yarra Valley, north-east of Melbourne and graduated with honours from the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Veterinary Sciences in 1988. He spent two years working in mixed practice back in Lilydale, before locuming throughout the United Kingdom for a further three years.

David then moved across the pond to the United States, where he completed a small animal internship and then an equine internship at Colorado State University, and a research fellowship and comparative ophthalmology residency at the University of Missouri.

David will be giving six lectures at the FASAVA Congress 2017 and is looking forward to sharing his great passion for veterinary ophthalmology with delegates from around Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Here is a little insight into the topics he’ll be discussing:

“I’ve been a veterinarian for 30 years now and I hate sitting through a lecture and, at the end, thinking, ‘well that’s never going to be of any use to me’. So I try to highlight in my lectures the things that I know will really help general practitioners. I have a series of things I call TIWIKIPs (i.e. Things I Wish I Knew In Practice) because I did use to be a real vet!"

“That’s where the practicality of my lectures comes from. I try to remember the things that caused me a problem in practice or why I find things easier now that I’m in specialty practice, and I try to crystallise those issues into topics for my lectures."

David’s lectures at FASAVA are:

Sunday, August 13
• Pearls of the ophthalmologic exam
• The seven colours of corneal pathology
• My approach to non-healing ulcers

Monday, August 14
• The patient’s eye is red. What now?
• Glaucoma in dogs
• Ophthalmic emergencies

David Maggs
Professor of Comparative Ophthalmology
School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California-Davis

Professor David Maggs will be speaking on Sunday 13 August and Monday 14 August at the FASAVA Congress 2017.
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